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Here's some pictures and information about my family. I don't know if you care or not, but I do, so here they are.
Corey James Walter died on September 24, 2002. Cancer is his killer, as it is to, too many others is this world. Please go to my links section to get links so that, if you choose to, you can donate to cancer research or even just to purhcase a gold ribbon to make others aware of the killer of children. Corey will always be my little brother, if I choose to ever have kids, boy or girl, they will be named Corey. I love you little man...for the rest of my life and forever beyond that. I will see you again. You are missed and will for always carry on in all of our hearts. Please enjoy these pictures that I am sharing with you all, they are of someone very special.

Corey and My Dad


My pops and Corey


Nephew Andrew with my wig on!

Corey and Rick flair

Corey and Me

Lexie chewing on Mikie's shoe :)

Corey and Shelby (sister) at xmas

Shelby and Jaymee

My Baby Lexie

Corey and Crystal

My two brothers (don and robert)

My niece Jaymee

Corey, Shelby and Terri (wrestler lady)

Brother Corey and there new puppies

Corey and Mom

My sister Christie and Niece Jaymee

Corey and me

Dad and Corey

Dad and me

I don't have many pictures up here yet, I need to get a camera and go get some family shots. I love each and everyone one of my family more than life itself...I hope you guys know that.

My name is Crystal Walter, and my little brother died of Nueroblastoma cancer on September 24, 2002. He was only five years old. This insert is being read at his memorial service on October 19th, 2002 because I cant be there. Please read the following and make yourself aware of cancer and other killing diseases that we NEED a cure for. This could be your son, brother, sister, daughter, father, mother, etc. Please help in all ways you possibly can. This is in Loving Memory of Corey James Walter, January 16th, 1997-September 24th, 2002.


I would never exchange my experience with Corey for anything in the world. Although I am experiencing extreme heartache, pain, hurt and anger over his cancer and over the loss of my little brother, I realize that he was here for a reason.  Most of the time it seems unfair to me that he was here for that short time just to show us ALL something, it is also a comfort to know that at least we can take his lessons, among other things, on with us throughout life.


Corey was a person not meant to be described by words, yet I will humbly try to express his extraordinary person. He was and always will be a magical being. Ive never, nor do I feel I ever will again, meet such a loving, wise, caring, sweet and in short, AWESOME person. All of this in a little five year old magical boy. Corey has touched so many people, sporadically throughout the nation, with his determination and ability to love purely.


Corey has taught me so many things, seemingly without his knowledge of his effect on the world at large. I now realize that we as a country, if not as a world, need to find a cure for this killer, which goes by the name of Cancer. Its amazing and absolutely absurd to me that we have so many ways to kill, not just people, but whole countries, for goodness sakes! Yet we cant seem to find a cure or even a reason as to why cancer is here and why it kills.


Any and every chance I get, I will donate; do charity walks or anything else that I personally can do to help find a cure for cancer. I will spread the word and use any median possible to make others aware of this killer, so that they too, might be willing to help. Hopefully others that Corey touched feel the same way.


I realize all the petty and asinine things that I worry, fret, cry or get angry over are just thatpetty. Because Corey has showed me that not only can my situation be worse, but that I can still love, go forward with life and be happy when things are so much more worse off.


Thinking of Corey not being here any more hurts. More than words can describe it hurts. I am confused and angry that such a gentle and loving little boy could so unfairly be taken awaywhich is something I could have never imagined happening.


Coreys not gone; hes just not here with us anymore. Hes off somewhere else, making and teaching someone else a lesson or two in love and happiness. Not to mention, Putting the smack down on their candy assess!!


Corey may not be right here anymore, but hes always in my heart and soul where hell stay for eternity and beyond. His lessons, his love and our memories cant and will not ever go away. Corey is forever embedded into my being.


Although I am hurting and angry at timesmy little brother being here, if only for five short years, is something I wouldnt change for the world. If I could of, I would have taken his hurt and the cancer away and taken it for myself. Unfortunately, we dont have that option. Nothing will EVER take him away from me for good.


So, baby brother, to you I am grateful for your presence and for blessing each and every one of us with your love. Your smile, your heart and your wisdom (anybody whos ever had a conversation with Corey knows he was wise beyond his years). I am grateful for the lessons you have bestowed on me and for the things you have shown me that I would have never been able to see without your help. I love you forever and always.


and a child shall lead the way


Aint that the truth? Keep doing what youre doing little man.


By: Crystal Kae Walter, humble older sister